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testing, testing, one, two, one, two.  this is not a drill.  nor is it Allen
Hunter.  This is the Exalted Fooler, twisting on a T-1.  I don't know what I'm
doing, but I'm having fun.

Date survey.  (partial response)

1.  MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm.  Food.
2.  I can't come clean.
3.  Heinlein, Jordan, Seuss.
4.  Losing.
5.  Tursiops Truncatus.  No more.
6.  It depends.
7.  7,16,16.
8.  y,y,y,y.
9.  y, both, me, both.
10. y,y,breakfast in bed.
11. n
12. you.
13. mushroom. avocado.
14. pay attention.
15. maybe.  yes.
16. maybe.
17. yes.
18. oh, yeah.
19. hell, no.
20. thank god, no.
21. the semiconductor
22. men
23. women
24. the stupid
25. animals. (though plants have their moments)
26. gold, frankencsence, myrrh (how bad is that spelling? At least gold is
27. me.
28. the longhair
29. me
30. no
31. the ones I'm wearing.

The first in a series of guerilla text bombings.

Your flavor of the month was weak.  What you really need is to destroy other
planets.  Dial  http//www.lenox.com/games/sc
The box is creeping up on me.  Not much further now.
Then you'll wish that I would just go away.  TEF.

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