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Thou who are most pious stand forth and try to put like Ted, Mediocre Borringtown is not only a place of birth but a spring board into dillusion, And though I walk through the valley of trout I will smell like roses, as those who knew the mad trickster were bound to guess he might still be working at the pet store if it wasn't for the industrial accident. I am now on the verge of the abyss waxing my leggs poeticly (really there just poor lymerics) I truely enjoy hearing from you again oh tall and gangly one did you see your picture @http://mosc95.pld.com/MHS/AHess.html you look different...harass you later- hormone

oh yeah, it was a dark and stormy night... -whormoan

is it the rancid cloud that casts the veil upon your smile? or is it that the rose cannot smell sweet enough to purge the destructiveness from your soul?

Well, i said, putting on my most winning smile, here we are. She only laughed and ate my grin like oxygen. "I don't know what I'm doing here," she said. "This is a one-whore town.' Uh... I tried again. nice night. "Look, you know what your problem is? You're grey." What? "You're fine print. You're a used car lot commercial. You know, everything people take for granted. You're vanilla. I hate vanilla." She got up and stalked around the room. I watched panthers at the zoo once, and they learned this art from her. Well, that's very-- "What am I doing here? I oughta just take off, go home, get laid, get gone." You can't. I'm keeping you here, I said, trying to hide the excitement in my voice. My grey powers. I smiled. She stopped and really looked at me for the first time. "It's you, huh... well, fuck that." And the next thing I knew, I was watching my body do a David Byrne dance from a floor-level perspective. She laughed again as we both began to fade. Well, of course I'd do it again if I could. How could you not love a girl like that?

Keoni Littlemouse <:3}--- 5/3/96

Well, needless to say, I found a way.

The people smelleth of patchouli. The cat licketh his balls. We must walk in the valley of the dishwasher, for he knows true humility. we must not look to the washing machine for assistance, we must scrub our way to the father. only then may we be pure and feel the rough skin of toe.

outside it is beginning to rain... the earthworm are gonna come out in droves after this one... I think we should probably not go to doliver tonight, the natives will no doubt be restless. they dream simple visions yet the intensity of their frail beliefs can be intoxicating, and more than a little misleading... U Ba do you remember of honor lost and people turning back before the notorius IDUDIAT clan, was it then that you gave up? went over to the otherside, to anyside who could pay your rate afford your habbit? what ever happened to neil to eriKa to big John Smash... Do you still dream of Blodget and are they blrry with distance or that hairy tounged next day world is too bright I want out of this head sentimentality...

The End.


Yes, it was.

but an ending, when moving as backwards as i, is like a birth, but with slightly less yucky stuff. stupidity is the mindset, instead of the innocence of a newborn. because people are very stupid when they're ending. from business, to astral graduation, to every other ending that exists, shit is very stupid. and this ending is no different.

except that that ending makes absolutely no sense.

it was an isosceles kind of luv

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