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So, there I was, mowing the lawn, wearing nothing but a trenchcoat and a cockring...

when out of the blue, MILES DAVIS!!! In the flesh!!!!

I didn't invite him to the baby shower! Oh shit.. how maddening. He approached me with that stinking GRIN- so self assured; so goddamned COCKY. It drove me CRAZY- like he knew me better than I knew myself. "Hello, Sebastian. See your lawn is a little brown this season. Not very smart to be mowing it, don't you think?" "I didn't realize you were such the botanist, there, Miles". I muttered, nervoulsy fumbling with my cockring. "What brings you here to visit me? It's been pretty hard, getting to this part of town since the bridge they bombed the dam". Miles smirked. "I'm personally more interested in the streamers blowing from your mailbox, darling! Feeling an early Easter spirit or are we having a little GATHERING this afternoon?"

"No gathering, Miles. Just a really great sale at the dollar store. Can I interest you in some $ .50 thyme? I bought extra". "Oh god, that's RICH!" Miles began to guffaw. "Don't you get it, SABBY? The baby shower- Renee's BABY SHOWER- has been the buzz of town! I didn't get an invititation so I figured that you must still have hard feelings towards me!!!"

Hard feelings? Whatever gave you that idea?? Oh, sorry, must be the cockring. I pulled my trenchcoat nervously around me, and toyed with a streamer. As I stood there, Miles' words slowly began to sink in. "Who the hell is Renee?" I asked him.

"Renee," Miles continued "My one and only daughter from my tryst with superstar model extrodinaire RuPaul!" I grinned in earnest, nodding my head to drive the point home. I understood. "Now Miley," (I like to call him Miley, pronounced Mile-Ly) I said, "I wonder if you could help me remove this tight squeeze I've put myself into..." I glanced nervously at my crotch. I watched Miles' eyes follow my own gaze southward. He licked his lips once and murmured:

In a raspy voice "i've got this hog leg of a joint here, care for a toke " as he whips it out of his pants and fires it up "Before we tackle that cockring ?" I smile and say "why the hell not "and take a long puff on it as his eyes linger on the cockring.

The pot was quite stimey, and its affect on Mr. Davis was as quick as me to a PBJ. immediately after his first decent drag, he let out a snort muffled by his purplish scarf and said,"Food. Then cockring. Hey, ever notice how much cockring sounds like Cochrane? Hehe. I'll bet Johnny-boy has heard that a million times, especially in his line of work.he he hee haaaa hoooooooooooooooo hoooooooo, aaaaaaaaaaaaah. Food." He took a slow drag of the doobage and set out on a journey down the street for some sort of nourishment. Good, I thought. thats better than him hanging out, chewing on all those damn good chex party mixes i made up. Miles-ee-poo apparently tapped into his psychic ability for that one, because in two shakes of a cockring, he burst through my hedges and said in an extremely veral tone,"What chex mix?!"

I froze, hugging the bowl closer, looking left and right for an place to ditch it. "No Mi-yuls," I drawled, I said 'chicks w'dicks'. You know, transexuals without the trans. Girls with pearls. He paused mid-bush, apparently stymied. "Ok man," he drawled too. "I've got a gig". And off he went. "Jimmy!" "Jimmy, wake up!" My eyes opened to my mother rudely shaking me awake by my cock ring. "You'll be late for school!" she bellowed. "And why the fuck is there chex mix all over the bed?"

"Well, whatever.", she said, dismissing the the snack mix that lay in indiscrete piles on my bed. "we can get to that later." She looked me in the face with that stern maternal look of hers, making sure i was awake. "your daddy wants to see you before you go off to school, you know." i got up and made to put on some clothes. she laid a hand on my bare shoulder and said, "no, don't. there's no time for that. just go right now." i walked towards my door, naked and a bit confused. as i touched the door knob i heard her add, "oh, and leave the cockring on son." then i suddenly remembered.

Robbie Knievel, son of Evel is to appear on Nightline tonight. Dad may not know shit about Miles, but he knows a little about Evel... and he gets real weird about it, especially when he or his family appears on national TV. I had hoped Dad hadn't heard about Nightline, but he wants to see me in my cockring, so I can only assume the worst.

my father, or "step-father" to be exact, was Brian Cook, my ex-lover gone trator. My mother, being technically a female now, was not only Brians first hetero play- toy, but a bitter end to our love affaire, or so I had thought. As I entered the room were my dad lay I noticed the sweet smell of my mothers sex. my pa, sprawled acrossed the floor with cum covering himhead to toe, begged me to leave. confused I stood there for a moment when from behing me my mother reached under my ass and grabbed my sack. she squeesed and she pulled in such a way as only she would now I cannot resist. I was instantly drowning is a see of labido. she quickly tied me up to the bondage bar against the bottom of the wall between my exausted father and my willing sister whom i had not noticed bound in the reverced position with here gloriously wet thighs screaming for me and the enticing shimmer of her clit-ring begging for play. once i was thoroughly bound my mother proceeded to remove what little clothing she was wearing, and all the while saying, "we WILL spend some quality family time together if it kills us all."

God, I love it when my mother stradles me like that. Her loose, sagging breasts bouncing off of my face like two oranges in socks. Myself maoning and screaming like a little virgin girl as I lay there as hard and helpless as a fresh carrot. Well, I thought to my self,"not as good as brian, but what the hell, my ma and I always did have a thing for fruits and vegetables!"

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